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The changes have been amazing for her. I recommend Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy to everyone. The staff here has been very positive and helpful!

Eileen & Chloe


When I was little, I was a very sickly child. 9 years ago I started coming to Life Expression Health Wellness and my immune system quickly started to strengthen. Without it our family wouldn't function as well as it does.

Lindsay & Gwen


It is a very gentle process from babies to adults. It can be done for anyone. It is important for young children because their bodies are still developing.



We found a lot of results from working with Joanne. Mia's body is a lot more relaxed. She will be able to grow and develop as she gets older. We will continue visiting for a very long time.

Carolina & Mia


I really love how she is always educating us on how the body is working and how she always brings it back to God and how the body is meant to heal itself.

Pozza Family