Broken Beyond Repair?

Posted on November 30, 2016 in

Have you ever fumbled in frustration with an appliance that suddenly stopped working only to discover several hours or days later when you plugged another appliance in the same electrical outlet that it didn’t work either? Or this may be an all-too-familiar experience if you’re like me and have seen one too may blow dryers conking out prematurely. Whether that reset button on your blow dryer did the trick or you experienced the untimely death of your blow dryer, you know the feeling of frustration I am talking about. If your hesitation to your normal morning routine was a quick fix with the reset button, you faced an electrical issue when you assumed that the appliance had broken. You may have sighed in relief, “thank goodness!” and went on with your day.

We live in a society where all too often we are quick to give in, quick to give up, and quick to replace. We dispose and replace nearly everything if it breaks or doesn’t work. In fact in our capitalist society our pocketbooks are better off if we do so. Our landfills, not so much. How often do we look to fix something and end up replacing the entire object because it is cheaper to do so than it is to fix it? This discussion can be related to one’s spiritual life, connection with God, relationships to name a few. And one thing is for sure, it does remind me of chiropractic. Go figure!

The running theme here is that our body was designed to heal from the inside out and operates very much like the electrical system in our house. Our appliances (our organs) are connected to our electrical system (our nervous system) through our cord and electrical wiring (nerves). Our nerves have connecting points called nerve roots, that link to our spinal cord which resides in our spine. These roots are very much like the plugs of our appliances in our homes. And very similar to the way our appliances can stop working if the electrical system and wiring is damaged our organs can change their functioning if their nerve system is damaged.

To illustrate my point, if we had a puppy who chewed on the cord of these wires the wire appliance would not work as well, and may even loose full connection. If the cord did not have plastic insulation around it and a big weight was placed on the cord the appliance would not work as well, and may show a change in the current flow through the cord. If the cord was bathed in toxic chemicals this too would destroy the cord, change the current flow, and the appliance would no longer work.

In much the same way, pressure on a nerve or a change in the surroundings of a nerve ever so slight even at the weight of a dime can change the function of that individual nerve fiber by 60%. That’s huge!!! It takes years for the full damage to accumulate to where it can be felt, but it begins as early as the birth process when most babies experience a degree of spinal trauma. This creates lifelong tension in the spine that manifests as the child grows, much like a crooked sapling would take years to grow into a crooked tree.

Do you think that prolonged damage to the nerves connected to your heart will lead to damage to your heart, affecting your heart function? Do you think that prolonged damage to your nerves connected to your liver can lead to damage to your liver, affecting your liver enzymes? Do you think that prolonged damage to your nerves connected to your pancreas can lead to changes in your pancreas’ ability to produce insulin? It makes sense that it would, just as damage to or unplugging or short-circuiting the blow-dryer or any other appliance would impact the function of that appliance, whether it is immediate or over time.

So the million dollar question then becomes: if the brain controls every organ in the body through nerve connections which leave the spine at various levels to these organs, would it make sense that misalignments in the spine known as subluxations, causing changes in pressure and tension on and along these nerves could have a hugely negative impact on organ function? And would it make sense that having a regular tune-up of the nerve system by a chiropractor to remove the subluxation, easing pressure and tension on and along these nerves could result in improved organ function?

Visit your family chiropractor to find out how the health of your spine, and organ connections is doing. Don’t wait until the appliances indicate they might need to be replaced, and do think about this vital connection! It’s so important! And remember, your body is much more intelligent than those appliances. You certainly aren’t broken beyond repair!


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