Do Turtles Make Their Own Shell?

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One of our patients asked me this question this week, after watching the turtles swim around with the fish at the office.

My immediate answer was that they do. But after our conversation I thought a bit more about the question, so here you go!

Click here for some fun facts! Turtles do make their own shell, which is really kind of super cool! (My inner nerd loves to dwell on these amazing things in life that we can observe and appreciate.) Like literally, turtles create their own dwelling. Their upper shell and their lower shell join together in a bridge to form their ribs, breastbone, and backbone. Their spine is fused to the upper shell, and the shell grows with tough outer scales or scutes as turtles grow.

Talk about never outgrowing your outfit!

But the same DOES go for you too! you never outgrow your “shell”-the bones, ligaments, and spinal cord covering known as the meningeal layer that protects your nervous system. Your body has an innate organization like the turtles for which you can thank for coordinating your heart to beat, your lungs to breathe, and every other function that quite amazingly goes on within you. And those protective covering layers are constantly changing to meet your body’s needs and to best protect your nerve system.

It’s also the one and only amazing nerve system that you get!

So as I learned when I was 5 and dressed a chiropractor for kindergarten,

or when I was 12 and wanted to send all my friends to my chiropractor so they could experience the wellness I experienced,

or when I was 19 and realized that the most profound difference I could make in the lifelong wellness of a child was to provide chiropractic care that facilitated their body to express the most life naturally without the use of drugs or surgery…

The health of your nerve system is really A BIG DEAL!

That “shell” which protects your nerve system is really A BIG DEAL!

Thank you for entrusting us with the privilege to care for your spine and nerve system so that you can grow gracefully within your own protective shell.

As your chiropractor it is my commitment to provide you and your family the most proficient, specific, and scientific care possible. And at Life Expression Wellness Center, the name of our building bears testament to this commitment.


You are a blessing!

Dr. Rachel


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