With Childlike Joy and Beauty

Posted on December 8, 2017 in

Have you ever been in the presence of a child, and wondered how it is that children can radiate so much joy and beauty? Is it in their eyes, their inquisitive nature, or their compassion for goodness? Do we feel it in their presence and their present-mindedness? Do we hear and appreciate their perspective which when caught in our own busy-ness we at times overlook?
The joy which children radiate is a gentle reminder that within we too have this wonder, awe, vitality, spark, and energy. We too have an infinitely inquisitive nature. We too show compassion, presence, and beauty. All of that which we discovered as a child ourselves, we still have.
Treasure the moments when children tenderly remind us-our need to see and feel our own God-given joy and beauty. It’s contagious, and every child reminds us in their own unique way.
Seeing is believing. Let others see the gift, beauty and joy you truly are.
You are a Blessing!
Dr. Rachel

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