As Natural as the Ocean

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I hope that you are having a fantastic day, and that this bit of information will make it even better! Did you know that chiropractic is one hundred percent natural? In fact, chiropractic care is as natural as the ocean coming in to the shore.
As much as we can be guaranteed that each successive wave will roll in to shore, we know without a shadow of a doubt that your nerve system functions best when it is in balance.
Because, that’s how God designed it to be-without interference to its normal natural function.
And as one of our newest practice members mentioned this week, “It just makes sense. You can do everything, from eating all the right foods, getting all the proper rest and exercise, taking all the right nutritional supplements, and using the right essential oils…but if your body’s not in a natural state of balance nerve connection, you’re not getting the most out of anything. In fact, you’re wasting time, energy, and money.”
Your life expression is enhanced when nothing interferes with your body’s natural connection to its source of life.
Chiropractic is not a cure or a treatment for any condition or disease process.
It’s meant to enhance what is RIGHT in the body.
Here’s the big secret: what we often think is “wrong” in the body (something’s wrong with my right hip, Doc…something’s really wrong with my neck…something’s wrong with my digestion lately… something’s wrong with my son’s ears)…really…isn’t wrong, at all.
It’s not wrong in the sense that God doesn’t make mistakes. He doesn’t make parts that don’t work. He makes a whole system striving to work at its best.
You see, what is true, is that the wisdom of the body is working right to return to balance and ease. Symptoms are evidence of the body seeking all avenues to achieve this balance. When an event has happened to create imbalance in the body (subluxation, nerve interference), symptoms are a part of the body’s “healing crisis”.
Symptoms aren’t meant to be rejected, covered up, or hidden.
You can consider many natural examples of this:
Hurricanes, nor’easters, and blizzards are all the atmosphere’s way of balancing heat between the equator and the poles;
Fever is the body’s way of returning to balance the body’s internal environment;
Breathing heavier after running a race is the body’s way of keeping oxygen and carbon dioxide levels in balance with other body gases.
One only need to consult Newton’s First Law from your high school physics class to know that all universal forces are always working to achieve balance.

The Miracle is You

As I mention often… the miracle is you! Let your body be you. YOU do everything inside YOU to function your best. Every process in your body is as natural as the ocean.
Naturally, it makes sense to support the body, by giving it proper fuel, eating pure, breathing pure, getting proper rest, and taking time to de-stress and move.
And if we do everything to support this natural system, the most sense is to maintain that nothing is interfering with how it works.
When your body functions with a nerve system at ease, you begin to recognize that symptoms are a part of your healing process.
Your are phenomenally made to be well.
And just like the waves of the ocean teach us, as much as we can be guaranteed that each successive wave will roll in to shore, we know without a shadow of a doubt that your body works at its best when your nerve system is in balance.
And it’s only natural that that’s how God designed the body to be,
so that you may express life to your fullest potential.
And with you, every man, woman, and child deserves too.
You a Blessing,
Dr. Rachel Leskosky
“You needn’t be sick to benefit from chiropractic care. All you must have is a desire to express your life to its fullest potential, and if you have that desire, the chiropractor can assist you by identifying and correcting areas of interference.”
~ Christopher Kent, D.C., FCCI, J.D.
“Chiropractic is not a natural cure for any condition or disease. That’s not what this is about at all. We, as chiropractors, are not treating; we are enhancing normal body function by removing spinal nerve interference. It’s not just a play on words, (where we come from) is a completely different base… That’s what makes the difference.”
~ Jeanne Ohm, D.C. Editor and Chief, Pathways magazine

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