Oh what a joy it is to see you grow!

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May you be enjoying time with your family over this Christmas and Holiday Season! As I reflect this week on the joys of life-cherished moments spent with those dear to our hearts and seasons of renewed faith, hope, and love, I also reflect on the joys of what I do every day in practice. One of these joys is to welcome new individuals to the unique experience of chiropractic care in our practice. And in fact, it has been one of my greatest joys in practice to celebrate with families as they welcome new little ones into their family!
We are blessed with many growing families here at Life Expression. Our goal with chiropractic is to help everyone as their health “grows” as naturally as possible and make sure that it keeps going in the right direction. Did you know that children who have a healthy spine and nerve system from the start experience much of the same blessings of chiropractic care as adults do? It’s true! Better immune function, better potential, better sleep, better digestion, better anything that is coordinated by the nervous system, which is…everything! But, there is one BIG difference between children and adults! All their systems are still developing, still growing.

Grow a small plant to become a strong tree!

Unlike adults, kids begin chiropractic care without years of built up stress and tension within their nervous system. Known as subluxation, this is unfortunately quite a normal part of life for just about everyone due to the stress of the birth process, learning to walk, toxins in our food and environment, emotional stressors, etc. But because subluxation gets addressed SOONER in a child’s life than in an adult’s, the care process for kids is very different than that of adults, and generally they respond to chiropractic care faster than the average adult. The difference in their care process is like planting and nurturing a tiny plant versus planting and nurturing a tree with a well-established root system. Quite different indeed!

Help them grow

The best outcome for the future of a child is to help them “grow” up healthy right from the start! For this reason, it is especially so very important that I communicate correctly to expectant mothers and fathers as the close of their pregnancy approaches. Many are eager to bring their new baby in for their first chiropractic check as soon as they can because they want the best realized potential for their baby’s brain-directed development. (Did you know their brain doubles in size in their first year, and their cerebellum triples as they develop in motor skills, coordination, and balance?!)
So what is the ONE THING that children are still doing that you and I aren’t? They are still “GROWING”! It is always an honor to let us help you grow your kids as healthy as they can be! Thank you for your trust in me as your family chiropractor.
What about you or the rest of your family? If we’re not on your calendar, make an appointment to have your baby’s or your child’s or your children’s nervous system checked so that they can be healthier today and for the rest of their lives. Are you waiting for your spouse or kids to develop a problem before consulting us? Please don’t! Yes, of course it always makes much more sense to work to “grow” their health rather than simply try and “fix” them after they have broken down!
P.S. Please share this with your family and friends so we can “grow” to be the healthiest community in Pennsylvania and beyond!”
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