Have you ever watched how a child plays?

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Have you ever watched how a child plays? Children have much to teach us! We learn to appreciate the little things. We learn to reflect upon the little blessings in life just by watching them. We see their fascination for nature and for new life. We feel their eagerness to learn.
Kids have an inside-out approach to life. Their approach to life offers a simple perspective and creativity. We may find ourselves wishing our imagination and creative thought processes were half as fascinating as theirs! What can we gain from them by looking through their eyes to appreciate the world simply?
We can apply this thinking to our health.
Good health, and being well isn’t nearly as complicated as we make it.
On a basic level, our bodies were designed to have their needs met by supporting the normal, natural physiology that God imparted with us at our conception.
Chiropractic calls this inborn wisdom innate intelligence. This is the organization which drives all function in the body. It coordinates all living processes, and decides what, when and how to function to meet all our needs. It is given to us at conception, and leaves us at the time of death. Out inborn wisdom makes our heart beat, drives our digestion and nutrient absorption, keeps our breathing in sync with body oxygen needs, causes a fever when the body requires cleansing of toxins, and causes shiver, sweating, and blood flow changes to maintain core temperature.

Keep Things Simple

Children have a very simple appreciation for how their body is designed to work. It’s simple! Their body is designed always to work for the good of their body.
A healthy nerve system, proper rest, hydration, food, and fresh air are the most basic and fundamental needs of the body to function. Anything that works against the body’s design and needs places undue stress on the nerve system, dimming the body’s ability to thrive.
Simple supports the body’s ability to thrive. Choosing that which naturally supports the body best naturally results in the best results. We can learn to stay simple and pure. We learn from them to keep a child-like simplicity!
And we must always remember to imagine the possibilities that exist when we decide to support our body’s innate ability to express life from the inside-out!
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