Here’s some of the highlights of our Chicken Soup & Chiropractic evening!

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We certainly had a wonderful evening last night! We had such wonderful conversation. Here is what those who came had to say, and a few of the highlights in case you missed it! I invite you to do #5!

“I really enjoyed the presentation. The length was perfect-not too short and not too long. And the soup was delicious!”

“Your presentation was very informative and thorough. I never knew that chiropractic care goes way beyond back and neck pain, and the importance of the work you do with children, especially those with special needs.”

“The excitement that you shared is contagious. Thank you for reflecting what you do to God. The big picture of things is important!”

We learned…

1. That your nerve system controls all function in your body…from the movement of your toes to the wiggle of your nose.

2. That your nerve system controls the healing capability of your body. This can never be stifled, put out, or extinguished.

3. That experiences in our life including physical traumas, chemical exposures, and emotional experiences can and do interfere with your body’s healing potential…like a roadblock in your nerve system or a detour that drains your resources and limits your potential. This is known as Subluxation, or interference with nerve function. You are always healing in spite of this, although not at your full capacity to heal.

4. That your body is wonderfully made and equipped with the resources you need. Chiropractic is a lifestyle choice with the goal to help you regain and maintain your inner healing potential, and the outcome of your best life expression.

5. What three things will you put in writing that you aspire to change in yourself, your health, and your relationships this year? Embrace what you need to do to fulfill your God-given potential. Become the eagle you are meant to be-unique only to you!

6. ….And last (but certainly not least!)-chicken soup is quite yummy!

A huge thank you to the many helping hands and loving hearts who made this evening possible! You are a blessing!

Dr. Rachel

P.S. If you could not make the evening but would still be interested in hearing the presentation, I will be presenting at the next Greater Hazleton Women’s Chamber of Commerce Luncheon on January 31st. Click here for more information

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