Would you go on a bike ride with flat tires?

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Would you go on a bike ride with flat tires? Would you swim across a lake with a weight attached to your waist? Would you blast the heat in your home if the windows were wide open?

We want to get the most out of everything we do. Some of these examples just make common sense, some are a matter of efficiency, and some in the long run would prove to be fairly expensive.

Chiropractic care is for everyone who is seeking to optimize their life expression-young, old, and in-between. The truth is simple- without chiropractic care we would be selling ourselves short. Our brain-body connection is short-circuited. Short- circuited to every cell, every tissue, every organ, every organ system.

What does this concretely translate to?

Thinking on a neurological level…

Our connection to our digestive system?  Not absorbing all the nutrition from our food.

Our connection to our cardiovascular and respiratory systems?  Not getting the most benefit from our workout.

Our connection to our muscular system? Not fully performing our best.

In the short run, and especially in the long run, chiropractic care proves to make sense, bring about efficiency, and save you money! For athletes like myself, it’s like entering a race or competition fully trained and mentally prepared. Only the best input will yield the best output.

A balanced nerve system builds a foundation for a lifetime of optimal healing. This empowers you to get the most out of what you do!

I am so thankful every day for the blessing of balance and healing I see in all of our patients in the process of healing. Because the body’s ability to heal is absolutely beautiful.


Dr. Rachel

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