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Lately I have received many questions from practice members who are expecting, soon to be expecting, or have recently welcomed their new little bundle of blessing. So here they are!

  1. I have heard that chiropractic is beneficial for women during pregnancy. When is the best time for chiropractic during pregnancy?

During pregnancy there are many psychological and hormonal changes that a woman experiences as her body prepares to grow, support, and give birth to her baby. Chiropractic focuses on the relationship between the body’s structure and function, and the body’s innate or inborn ability to heal itself. This inborn capacity for healing is coordinated by the nervous system.

I recommend to all female practice members that the best time to begin chiropractic care during pregnancy is today! In fact, many women begin chiropractic care even before becoming pregnant. Because of the unique connection of her nervous system to her reproductive system, a well-balanced nervous system influences every process that takes place to welcoming a new little blessing into the world: conception, implantation of the fertilized egg into her uterus, growth and development, immune balancing with her placenta, changes in her center of gravity and posture, changes in her gait, supportive tissue balance of the uterus which connects to pelvic bones, uterine space for baby to achieve the optimal position for natural birth, hormonal balance during labor, physiological changes following labor to return to body function once baby is born, and success of the breastfeeding relationship of both mother and baby. Wow, that’s a lot! Our nervous system is incredible!

2. So what have studies shown to be the benefits of chiropractic care during pregnancy?

Pelvic alignment and balance,

Reduced risk of preeclampsia,

Reduced back labor,

Reduced pain medication,

Reduced intervention,

Shorter labor times,

Ease into breastfeeding,

Greater production of breastmilk,

Less incidence of postpartum depression

3. Not all women experience discomfort during their pregnancy. I have read that chiropractic care is beneficial during pregnancy but my friend who sees a chiropractor has back pain or some other issue. Why is it beneficial for a woman to seek chiropractic care throughout her pregnancy (regardless of symptoms) as part of her birth team of her obstetrician, midwife, doula etc.?

A woman need not experience any discomfort during her pregnancy for her body to have a need for a balanced nervous system. In fact, if she does experience discomfort during pregnancy this is often due to previous injuries to her pelvis, spine and nervous system present long before she became pregnant. Her body changes during pregnancy may cause her to become more aware of these injuries. I find that all woman have some form of injury, whether recent or not, that they have experienced which may be significantly impacting their nervous system function. The only way to detect subluxation (misalignment of the spine and supportive tissues which cause nerve interference affecting all body function) is by getting checked by a chiropractor. This is especially important during pregnancy because her nervous system or neurological balance influences both her body’s function and her baby’s development too.

4. When is the last time a woman should get checked by her chiropractor before birth?

It is important to understand that with proper balance of her nervous system at any time during pregnancy there is tremendous benefit to a woman’s entire pregnancy and the development of her child.  This is why chiropractic care is especially important early during pregnancy and even before the beginning of her body changing as she becomes pregnant. I often recommend that moms get their nervous system checked as close to birth as possible, even when she is in the early stages of labor, to ensure her pelvic balance is maintained, giving baby a better chance of moving into a correct position for birth. Baby’s optimal position at the time of birth facilitates an easier labor and safer delivery for both mother and baby.

5. My chiropractor recommended bringing our newborn in following birth. When is the soonest the new baby can get checked by a chiropractor?

It is recommended that a child be checked very soon following birth. There is no time that is too soon. Some parents even have their newborn checked on the way home from the hospital or birthing center.

Getting your child’s nervous system checked and balanced early in their life has a tremendous impact on their neurological well-being and adaptability for their entire lifetime. Their skin color, heart rate, neurological reflexes, muscle tone, and breathing rate are checked minutes after birth by your midwife or obstetrician. All of these basic observations of body function are coordinated by your child’s nervous system. It only makes sense that their entire nervous system be checked by a chiropractor, especially given that 95% of all infants have spinal misalignments secondary to the birthing process. Left unchecked and uncorrected, these misalignments create further imbalance in their nervous system and further change their body function for their lifetime. Like giving a new plant a strong root system, chiropractic then ensures their nervous system is free from interference during their early stages of development so their body can have the best brain connections, optimal health potential, and the best ability to adapt to life. It cannot be underestimated how tremendous a gift it is for a child to develop their best neurological potential, and how huge a difference this can make!

6. When should a new mom be checked following the birth?

Birth is hard work, for both mom and baby, and dad too! Whether there was intervention at the birth or not, mom and baby are processing many new physical, chemical, and emotional stresses. Both are beginning a tremendous and exciting new journey. Her nervous system balance is important too. She has to adapt to many new changes, and her ability to do so is related to how well her body is functioning. She absolutely needs the best foundation via the balance of her nervous system so that she can best care for and nourish her new little one. This will positively influence her breastfeeding relationship with her little one, her adaptability to sleep and schedule changes, her body’s changing following birth (also known as the Fourth Trimester), and her bonding with her new little one.

Thank you for reading!  Please share this information with those you know, and if you have any questions that still need answering, please comment or email us!

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