The Hotel’s on Fire!

Posted on December 27, 2016 in

Imagine you are on vacation with your family, strolling through the lobby of the hotel where you are spending your stay, and you received this news.

Would any reasonable person tell you to leave without also telling you to take your family with you or at least make sure they were ok? Absolutely not!!! You wouldn’t leave the hotel for your own safety without in the very least first making sure that your family was safe too.

If we apply this metaphor to our health with the thinking that only those who hear the message… only adults, only those in pain, only those who need fixing…benefit from a healthy spine and nerve system, we fail to pass the message onto our treasures, our families. Part of my passion and concern as a chiropractor is to inform you and my community of the realities of the health of your nerve system.  This may sound blunt, but the reality is that without the benefit of a healthy spine and nerve system, our safety is in jeopardy just as our safety would be in jeopardy in that hotel. The delicate balance of healing that the body is designed to have is in jeopardy due to the physical injuries, chemical exposures, and emotional experiences we all endure as a normal part of life from our first experience of the trauma of the birth process. The function of all systems in the body are impacted. For just as a dentist might suggest it’s a good idea for your kids to have healthy teeth early on in life, it’s also a fantastic idea for them to have a healthy spine and nerve system early on in life.  The innate wisdom of their body given to them at birth and the life that their body is meant to express is reflective of the health of their body’s healing system.

I once heard that every doctor claims that health in their specialty is the true source to health-dentists claim that healthy teeth and gums lead to good overall health, cardiologists claim that a healthy heart leads to good longevity. Well, these statements are absolutely right. Yet since all parts of the body and the body’s innate healing processes are controlled by the brain through the nerve connections, you better believe a healthy nerve system leads to good health too! A healthy nerve system is the best path to the body’s best healing. No other system in the body can be given the name of the body’s inner healing system.

As a child the chiropractic care I received, and the blessing of a healthy nerve system has allowed me to strive to have the best expression of the life within me. My passion is to see this priceless gift be shared with children and families. It’s a beautiful thing when parents see how healthy their kids truly can be! We understand the depth of the value of a healthy spine and nerve system for adults, so there ought to be no question in our minds that that same if not greater value is there for our kids. We would never exit a burning building without concern for those around us, so if chiropractic can profoundly impact one’s health for the rest of their life why we wait to share the message? There is no question in my mind that this is a good idea for our treasured loved ones. Let them know what you know! Get excited, this is a BIG deal! And if it’s you who is eager to take that first step, call us today for your first personal or family appointment.

Dr. Rachel


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