You’re not a mushroom, are you?

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Did you know there are over 30 species of mushrooms that actually glow in the dark? They are known as glowing or bio-luminescent fungi, and they release a glowing light known as foxfire. Look it up! What a fun way to light your way in the woods! They attract various insects and these insects help to spread their spores and make more mushrooms. If you’re like me and find this fascinating, then you’ll also find it fascinating that mushrooms don’t need sunlight to grow.

You probably knew this one, but it’s worth repeating because mushrooms like being in the dark! In fact, they love it. But I bet you don’t! In fact no one I know likes being in the dark. Let me suggest to you why…

Do you know what subluxation is? Subluxation is what chiropractors address in the nerve system. Subluxation involves a misalignment in the spine. Most importantly though, the impact of subluxation in the spine is on a neurological level. Subluxation impacts your body’s connection from the brain to the body, impacting your body’s brain-directed healing capability, and compromising your body’s nervous system. Thus the intent of chiropractic is to identify subluxation and assist the body’s innate drive to clear or ease subluxation-so that your body can heal without this interference. That’s it.

The word SUBLUXATION literally means “less light”–with “sub”, meaning “Less Than”, “lux” meaning “Light”, and “ation” meaning “The State Of “. Putting all of this together literally means “a State of Less Light”.

So don’t be like a mushroom! Get in the light! When your body is operating at ease, without the burden of subluxation on your nervous system’s function, you are actually brighter. Every system is functioning better. You exude more life.

You know that healthy glow that a woman seems to exude during pregnancy? This happens with improved function of the nervous system with chiropractic too. Like a plant that’s been deprived of water for some time, you can see the difference even 5 minutes after watering. The plant is expressing more life, of course it’s visible! And this my friend is the secret of chiropractic.

You express more life, more light, more nerve energy.

So again I say, you aren’t a mushroom! Thrive in the light! Imagine what a difference this would make in your body function for your lifetime if you experienced this ease in your nerve system as a child, as a baby!

Invite your family and friends! Don’t let them be like the mushrooms in the dark either! And if you are reading this now and thinking you’d like to see what I mean, try it! You deserve it. Your family deserves it.

I invite you and your family to experience family chiropractic, or to call us for your free 15 minute chiropractic consultation.



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